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H. Fontaine Ltd, specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality water-control sluice gates and pumps destined for the municipal and industrial sectors.

  Series 20 Sluice Gates    
  Fontaine's SERIES 20 Sluice Gate is a highly versatile flow control gate with various types of mountings. Adaptable to different applications, the Series 20 can be designed to withstand seating and unseating heads of 30 feet (9 m), 20 feet (6 m) or 10 feet (3 m) up to 60 feet. When required, the SERIES 20 can be designed for higher water heads.  




  Series 60 Flap Gates    
  The Fontaine SERIES 60 is the simplest way to prevent flows of water from returning back into pipes or openings. The gate design is such that whatever the size, a small flow will open the gate in negative pressure and will remain watertight for positive pressure. The flap can be adjusted (on models over 24" (610 mm)) to open under a specific head of water since its adjustable hinges can modify the force needed to push the flap.  


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