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With over twenty years of experience in the field, Grande Water Management Systems specializes in Storm Water Management, Waste Water Management and Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement.

  Tank & Sewer Flushing  


ACU-TIP Tipping Bucket



ACU-DRUM Pivoting Drum



ACU-GATE Flushing Gate

  Overflow Screening (CSO Screening)  


ACU-SCREEN Fine Perforated Overflow Screen or CSO Screen



TRU-RAKE Self Raking Static Bar Screen

  Overflow Control  


ACU-BEND Overflow Bending Weir Type U



TRU-BEND Overflow Bending Weir Type O



ACU-PRO Overflow Measuring Profile

  Flow Regulation  
  • TRU-FLO Compact Regulator
  • ACU-JET Jet Regulator
  • ACU-FLO Balance Regulator
  • ACU-SOL Solar Powered Regulator
  • SURE-FLOAT Floating Regulator
  Flood Protection  
  • SURE-FLAP Check Flap
  • ACU-FLAP Check Element
  • TRU-FLAP Floating Flap 
  Floatables Retention  
  • ACU-SELF Self-Adjusting Floating Baffle
  • ACU-LAM Lamella Baffle
  • ACU-STAT Fixed Baffle  
  Peripheral Products  
  • ACU-SLIDE Sluice Gate
  • TRU-CLIMB Floating Ladder
  • SURE-CLIMB Manhole Entry Assistance   

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