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Hungerford & Terry

An innovative leader in the water treatment industry since 1909, Hungerford & Terry, Inc. pioneered the Ferrosand® Continuous Regeneration "CR" Process for the removal of soluble iron and manganese from ground water sources.

  Ferrosand Filter, Ferrosand IR for Manganese Removal  
  For groundwaters which contain only manganese, or manganese with lesser amounts of iron, the Intermittent Regeneration (IR) process may be desirable. It allows for extended run lengths with a minimum amount of head loss experienced during the filter run. In the IR process, a filter bed of Ferrosand is periodically regenerated (in a manner similar to sodium cycle softening) with a solution of KMnO4. The frequency of regeneration is contingent upon the concentration of raw water manganese and the volume of water treated.  


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