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WeirWasher, ACS removes the algae, scum and other material from the weirs and other surfaces on clarifiers, thickeners and other tanks.

  Without Brushes!    
  WeirWasher, ACS uses in plant non-potable water to clean irregular and porous surfaces, bolts and any other irregularities.  WeirWasher, ACS can clean surfaces under the water level up to one foot under water.

Here are some of the features:

bullet ALL clarifier designs (square, rectangle, round) can be cleaned with a Weir Washer system
bullet Uses Non-potable plant water only
bullet No brushes or scrapers are required
bullet System drains when off so *No Freezing*
bullet Existing clarifier drive motor drives the unit
bullet Controlled directly by your SCADA system or automatic valve
bullet System operation is only required for hours per day to be "Algae Free"
bullet Reduce OSHA & Accident reports for worker injuries caused during clarifier cleaning
bullet Eliminates chemical usage for algae control in clarifier
bullet Lower TSS and effluent surges caused by uncontrolled algae growth
bullet Minimize UV Bed, system/valve, and probe cleaning costs
bullet Clarifier Bottom cleaning attachment pre-cleans the bottom of the tank after draining





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