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Since 1946, Walker Process Equipment has been a manufacturer of a broad line of water and wastewater treatment equipment for both the municipal & industrial marketplace. This being our sole endeavor, we are truly "Dedicated to the Water and Wastewater Industry!"

  Circular Collectors  
  Walker Process has a tradition of supplying the industry's highest quality and most reliable clarifier mechanism from basic bridge or pier supported mechanism to those with the most complex and demanding special requirements.

Walker mechanisms are driven by Walker designed and manufactured drive units that have corrosion resistance and precision ratings superior to any drive on the market, and exceed the industry's highest standards.





  Heat-X External Heat Exchangers  
  Heat-X external heat exchangers are available in either an exchanger only design or exchanger-boiler combination units which are fully shop assembled and tested with all necessary boiler components including gas, water and electrical controls.  


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