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GA Industries, LLC designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of valve products focusing on the needs of the municipal, industrial and commercial water and wastewater industry.

  Check Valves  

One of the most common, yet critical, uses of a check valve is on the discharge of a pump to prevent reverse flow when the pump is not operating. Pump station check valves are often subjected to rigorous operating conditions and may be required to operate without slam and waterhammer and to afford low head loss.

GA Industries offers a wide variety of standard check valves each ruggedly designed to accommodate the specialized needs of pump station use from simple AWWA C508 swing check valves to sophisticated top mounted cylinder tilting disc check valves.

  Air Vlaves  

Air valves are used in piping systems to maintain pumping efficiency and to provide a degree of protection against pipe or equipment damage during the filling and draining of the system.

Pipeline restrictions caused by trapped air can reduce the pumping rate and increase pumping costs. Properly located and installed air valves vent accumulated air in the pipe to maintain design efficiency.

  Ball Valves  

Just like any other pump control valve, ball valves prevent backflow when the pump is off, minimize surges associated with pump start-up and normal shutdown and quickly close in the event of an unexpected pump stoppage.

A fully open AWWA C507 Ball Valves has virtually ZERO headloss affording the lowest possible pumping cost.

  Butterfly Valves  

GA Industries Series 800 butterfly valves meet or exceed the requirements of American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard C504, Class 150B and 250B. They are available with ANSI Class 125 flanged or AWWA/ANSI C111/A21.11 mechanical joint ends from 3" to 48" and in wafer design from 3" to 20".

Manually actuated valves are available with worm gear or traveling nut operators for above ground, in-vault or buried service. A 10-position lever operator is available for valves up to 12" size. Series 800 butterfly valves are also available with electric motor, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder actuators meeting AWWA C540 to accommodate automatic requirements.

Extended bonnets, floor stands, chain wheel operators, stem extensions and other accessories are also available.


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