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Desalitech - Reverse Osmosis

Desalitech produces the most advanced water purification system on the market.

  Desalitech's CCRO  
  Desalitech’s CCRO can provide several advantages on this application, the main being:
  1. 88% to 90% recovery with our single stage CCRO system.
  2. RO operation energy savings. the CCRO system will consume roughly 10% to15% less energy as compared to a traditional RO. This savings combined with the reduced pumping costs (see point 1) will provide substantial lifelong energy savings.
  3. Due to the disruptive nature of the operation, CCRO systems have a higher resistance to scaling and are less prone to biological fouling. This provides for greater system uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

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Low Energy with CCD - IDA Journal

  ReFlex Reverse Osmosis Systems  
  Desalitech’s ReFlex Reverse Osmosis systems are rapidly replacing traditional water purification methods. We believe it shouldn’t be a headache to treat your water, and it shouldn’t be wasteful. Our ReFlex systems feature Desalitech’s patented Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) process that can recover up to 98 percent of the water treated. This minimizes water waste and provides our clients with a rapid return on investment. Desalitech offers ReFlex models in standard industrial sizes from 50 to 900 gallons per minute (10 – 200 m3/h).  

  ReFlex Max Reverse Osmosis Systems  
  ReFlex Max Reverse Osmosis systems are Desalitech’s most robust solution. While our ReFlex systems handle most applications, ReFlex Max systems are ideal for more challenging applications such as brine concentration, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and for treating high salinity waters.  




  ReFlex Smart Online Monitoring & Control System  
  ReFlex Smart is an online monitoring and control software system for ReFlex systems. The ReFlex Smart package is comprised of online monitoring, analysis and control tools for your ReFlex systems, further stepping up your system’s performance and reliability.  





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