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world leader in pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators as well as quality electric actuators. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, EIM Electrcic Actuators are used in virtually every application where valves are operated automatically.



  TEC2000 Actuators — 1/4 Turn & Multi-Turn in One  

EIM Electric Actuator’s TEC2000 series can handle both quarter-turn and multi-turn applications across an extremely broad torque range—using either three-phase or single-phase power.

EIM’s TEC2000 is truly non-intrusive; its separate, dual-sealed terminal chamber houses the unit’s primary fuses, so the control compartment doesn’t need to be opened for setup or for routine maintenance and operation. Local control knobs don’t penetrate the housing.

Choose from any of 3 Tri-Set configuration setup methods:

  • Control knobs on either the Local Display Module (LDM) or on the optional Remote Display Module (RDM), which can be mounted up to 1200 meters (4000 ft) away from the actuator.
  • PC or PDA via RS-485 link to the actuator, or via the IrDA port, utilizing EIM’s TecLinc Microsift Windows® based software.
  • EIM’s optional keychain “Clicker” device. The “Clicker,” an IrDA controller, has four buttons that correspond to the Yes, No, Back and Next functions of the local control knobs. The entire actuator configuration process can be completed using this compact tool.
  MPA — Multiport Actuator  

The MPA combines an exclusive solid state motor starter with control software to provide precise positioning of the Multiport Flow Selector within ±1° of the selected port, retaining that position even in the event of a power loss. The MPA provides configurable port selection from 3 to 8 ports. The MPA allows user to select any port as home port or skip any unused ports. This actuator allows for field torque adjustment while protecting the Multiport Flow Selector from excessive torque. The MPA stores alarm history to detect abnormal operating conditions for preventative maintenance of the MPFS and the MPA.

The Multiport Actuator interfaces with industry standard network communication protocols. The MPA is designed to operating in harsh and hazarious environments. The MPA provides manual override upon loss of power. The actuator is capable of working with a wide range of voltages – three-phase, single-phase and DC.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Certified explosion proof: Class I, Div I, Groups C & D and EEx d IIB T4
  • Operating temperature range: – 58°F to +149°F (-50°C to +65°C)
  • Heavy duty gearbox with capacity of 3000 ft lbs
  • Wide range of 4-pole motors available for any voltage or torque
  • Configurable for MPFS from 3 to 8 ports
  • 12-bit encoder coupled directly to valve stem for position feedback
  • Precise motor control with microcontroller updates every 1 mS
  • Supports network protocols: Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus DP, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet, and Ethernet
  • I/O and alarm monitoring
  • Dual configuration: factory or user setup
  M2CP Actuators  

The Series 2000 Quarter-Turn electric valve actuator — This actuator offers a wide range of frame sizes, horsepower ratings and output speeds EIM quarter turn products are selected by application requirements of voltage, torque, operating time, and valve shaft diameter. Actuators are designed tor ball, plug, and butterfly valves as well as quarter turn damper and louver drives.

The Series 2000 Multi-turn electric valve actuator — These actuators are selected by application requirements of voltage, torque, thrust, RPM, and stem or shaft diameter. Actuators are designed for service on gate, globe, check , stop-check, and angle-check valves as well as sluice gates, weir gates, and multi-turn damper drives.

  HQ Series Guarter-Turn Actuators  

The Quarter-Turn HQ Series EIM Electric Actuator is an extension of EIM’s world famous 2000 Series MCP, M2CP and TEC2000 Actuator. This new range offers a light weight, compact unit sizable for butterfly, ball and plug valves including damper control. Torque capacities range from 40 ft-lb to 2,170 ft-lb (6kg-m to 300 kg-m). Models are available for 1ph and 3ph service and also 24vdc and 24vac.

Features & Benefits:

  • Conforms to AWWA C540-93

  • Standard construction is rated Nema 6, IP67, with optional IP68 temporary submergence

  • All units (except HQ-006) are double reduction worm gear drives, which provide inherent self-locking characteristics. Motor brakes are not required.

  • Main housing electrical enclosure is a spigot fit (slight taper) for easy removal and equipped with captive bolts

  • Declutchable handwheel feature which can be padlocked to avoid unauthorized operation

  • 4 limit switches

  • Removable Drive bushing for ease of machining

  • Advanced local control stations


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