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  Flex Rake  

The Frame:
The unique design of the chain which consists of 316 SSTL investment castings allows it to become both its own frame and lower sprocket. This is possible because the chain bends in only one direction, providing both flexibility and rigidity as the current forces it against the intake screen.






Interaction with Large Debris:
One of the great features of the Flex-Rake is its ability to handle large debris without shutdown.


Pivoting Mounting
In the standard model Flex-Rake, if a tire or other large object comes between the rake and intake screen, the mounting assembly pivots forward as illustrated, allowing the object to travel the face of the screen.

As you can see, when the Flex-Rake encounters large objects such as tires, logs, simply "flexes" around them.


  Flex Rake Schematic - click on the picture to enlarge  

    click on the picture to enlarge  

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