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  Tower Press  
  Higher cake solids, improved capture rate and throughput, and all-around better performance are the primary benefits of the CMC Tower Press. The CMC Tower Press is the most innovative belt filter press available in the market.
  • Pressure rollers are arranged vertically. Area under pressure is maximized by optimum wrap.
  • Individual stainless steel drain pans positioned at each roller prevent re-wetting of sludge cake.
  • Discharge is located at the top of the vertical assembly to facilitate easy installation of conveyors, containers or lime post treatment equipment.
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning and center pivot tracking system continuously monitors and automatically corrects any misalignment of the dewatering belts. Belt wear is thus reduced and belt life increased.





  Gravity Belt Thickener  
  Gravity Belt Thickeners (GBT) reduce the volume of thin sludges and slurries produced during municipal or industrial wastewater treatment.

The principle of the GBT is simple: Sludge is flocculated with polymers and the released water is drained by gravity through a traveling filter belt. Benefits:

  • Reduction of sludge volume by up to 90%
  • Reduced load on downstream processes
  • Improved performance and/or reduced size of downstream units
  • Reduced hauling costs


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