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Patterson Pump Company is recognized world wide as a manufacturer of pumps for the municipal, industrial, commercial, fire, water, wastewater, off-shore, HVAC, plumbing, power, flood control, building-trade, utility and packaged system markets.

  Forceline -Non-Clog Type Service Pumps  




These durable pumps are specifically designed to pump sludge, raw unscreened sewage and contaminated trashy fluids efficiently, without clogging. Incorporated into their design are extensive inputs from engineering firms, maintenance personnel, plant and equipment operators and mechanical/hydraulic experts. The Forceline is well known for its high efficiencies, rugged construction and serviceability.

  Series "F" Sewage Pump  

Series "F" Centrifugal Pumps are superior, non-clogging pumps for the handling of raw, unscreened sewage and miscellaneous trash in treatment plants and lift stations, or in other applications involving sludge, storm water drainage, paper mills, reduction plants and waters with unscreened solids up to eight inches in diameter.

  Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps  



  Type "G" Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps have demonstrated over and over again their ability to move large volumes of liquid at low to medium heads with an efficiency and economy unobtainable with any other type of pump.

These Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps consist of a bowl assembly, which is cast and provides much more reliable service; an outer column and discharge elbow; shaft and shaft cover tube; floor plate; and motor mounting stand.

  MPVT Multi-Purpose Vertical Turbine Pumps  

The MPVT is a truly superior, solids handling, municipal/ industrial, multi-purpose vertical pump that takes the concept of vertical turbine pumping one step further by being specifically designed to handle stringy solids. An internal vane inside the pump column and discharge head prevents stringy material from wrapping around the shaft enclosing tube. This vane is aligned with one of the diffuser vanes to prevent build up of solids.


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