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Industry leaders in Liquid Storage Tanks, Domes and Covers,  and Dry Bulk Storage Tanks.

145 years of experience in the Tank Industry.

  AST Tanks    
  From glass fused-to-steel, epoxy coated, bolted, galvanized, or welded tanks we've got you coverd, no matter the application.

AST Tanks


Sur-Seal Covers


  Corrosion resistance meets customization, to deliver one of the most innovative tank storage solutions on the market today — Sur-Seal aluminum geodesic domes and covers.

Sold exclusively by Weston & Associates, Sur-Seal domes and covers provide superior performance, maximize usable tank capacity, and are highly cost-effective for larger tanks. Weston & Associates always ensures you have the right product for your specific requirements.

Sur-Seal Covers



  Sur-Seal Liners    
  Sur-Seal Liners™ are custom-designed and produced by Specialty Products by Weston™, a manufacturer of integrated industrial bulk storage solutions including liners, pipe and customized storage containers. Andy Feucht, president of Specialty Products by Weston™, developed these unique liners in response to business owners and maintenance teams looking for ways to get more out of their capital investments in storage.

Sur-Seal Liners

  Enviro Box    
  Enviro-Box storage container systems deliver secure, convenient, and customizable liquid storage across industries and applications. Manufactured with durability and longevity in mind, Enviro-Box protects the environment from potential leakage while creating an optimal internal storage environment that safeguards your investment.



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