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Inovair’s line of Turbo Blowers offer 10-35% energy savings and a significant increase in efficiency over multi-stage blower or positive displacement blower

  Wastewater Aeration Turbo Blowers  
  The energy demand for the water and wastewater industry is approximately 75 billion kilowatt hours per year, or about 3 percent of the electricity consumed in the US.1Specifically, the aeration process at most wastewater treatment plants account for the largest amount of energy consumption, and is as much as 40-60% of the plant’s total energy usage.

Inovair Turbo Blowers

“Turbo blowers are a significant area of innovation in blower design offering energy savings for the wastewater industry,” according to a recent EPA citing which also reported, “increases in energy costs for the wastewater industry.” Additionally, the EPA suggests “Equipment upgrades and operational modifications to reduce energy should not be one-time events, but should be incorporated into a comprehensive energy review and management strategy.” Not surprisingly, turbo blowers have gained rapid acceptance in the wastewater industry over the past 3-4 years at large plants, but have not been affordable for smaller plants. Inovair offers solutions for the smaller plants to significantly cut plant energy usage, offer improved functionality and intelligent controls which results in thousands of dollar savings in operating costs.




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