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Offers a broad platform of water treatment technology products, from primary wastewater treatment to advanced effluent polishing steps to environmental remediation processes.

  Centra-flo — TSS & BOD Removal  

The patented Centra-flo™ continuous backwash, upflow sand filter removes colloidal and suspended solids, including particulate BOD. Designed for performance, with over 275 installations worldwide, Centra-flo™ produces water reuse quality effluent.  
  Salsnes Filter — Primary Pretreatment  
  40-70% TSS Reduction, 30% BOD Reduction, Produces 25-40% solids  

Blue Water is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Salsnes Filter. With over 250 installations, this unique filtration system can completely replace primary sedimentation, reduce sludge and increase plant capacity. Salsnes is an excellent solution for membrane pre-treatment, with effective sieve opening to less than 50 microns.  
  Blue PRO® — Reduce Phosphorus to <0.010 mg/L  

Blue PRO® is a filtration system that removes phosphorus to very low levels. Using adsorption, Blue PRO® can meet the most stringent phosphorus permits, and is also effective at BOD and TSS removal in tertiary filtration applications.  
  Blue NITE — Denitrify to <1 mg/L NO3-N  

Blue NITE™ removes nitrates to very low levels, helping plants meet total nitrogen permits. Utilizing Blue Water's nutrient removal technologies, phosphorus and nitrate removal can be achieved in the same vessel, saving money and space.  

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